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Bearded iris bulbs are the centerpiece for any garden. The blooms are plentiful and outstanding. Bearded iris plant care is simple; choose an area with well drained soil that gets plenty of sunlight. They are easy to grow with excellent results producing great blooms year after year. There are tall bearded irises as well as reblooming iris bulbs. These bulbs come in many colors with popular ones including yellow, purple, white, blue, orange, black, lavender, and red bearded iris. The zones for growing include zones 4-9 generally. Look at a zone map if you are unsure which zone you live in. High quality bearded iris bulbs for sale are available by clicking the links above. Other well liked bulbs include Siberian iris bulbs and Dutch iris bulbs. When planting, if the soil is not well drained, planting on a slope or raised bed may help. On occasions, sand or humus may be added to improve conditions. The ideal pH for bearded iris bulbs is 6.8. Plant so that the tops of the rhizomes are exposed and about 12-20 inches apart. In very hot climates, you may want to cover slightly with soil. Sometimes a little fertilizer can be used, but this is not always necessary.