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Bearded iris bulbs are easy to grow and come in astonishing colors. Planting can be in the spring or fall and they need plenty of sun and good soil. Flowers typically have six petals and are fan shaped. The blooms may have a light, nice smelling fragrance to them. Bearded iris bulbs are becoming some of the most popular perennials available today. This is no surprise given their beauty, ease of growth, and variety. Other varieties include Siberian and Dutch iris bulbs. My favorite colors tend to be the light blues and purples, but many others exist. Planting depth is very important. The rhizomes need to just slightly be covered with soil. It is a common mistake to plant to deep. You may also wish to apply a little bit of general fertilizer, but this is not required. Iris blooms can be used to make spectacular looking flower arrangements or just look great in gardens. Once you receive the bulbs, they should be planted. If this is not possible, it is best to store them in a cool and dry location until a time when they can be planted. Bearded iris bulbs for sale are available on the home page of this site. They are quite possibly my favorite perennial to grow.